9 Reasons Why You Need Flood Insurance in New York

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Flood insurance in New York protects homes and their contents from damage caused by flooding water. Flooding is regarded as a temporary condition, and homeowners’ insurance does not cover the loss or damage caused by floods. Any person who is susceptible to flooding should get flood insurance. Purchasing Flood Insurance in New York Flood insurance […]

Everything You Should Know About Motorcycle Insurance in NY

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You are eager to take your new motorcycle for a ride. The safety gear is in place, but you are forgetting the most crucial protective gear – insurance. Motorcycle insurance in NY is a requirement by traffic law. Nearly all states require that you get minimum liability coverage in order to register your bike. Although […]

How to Choose the Best Insurance Agencies in NY

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One of the most overwhelming things is to purchase insurance from NY insurance agencies. Conditions, definitions, exclusions, endorsements, and coverages can give you a headache. Insurance may not be the first thing to pop on people’s minds, but imagine how your life will be without it. Imagine losing your home or business to a fire […]

Workers’ Compensation Insurance NY: Everything You Need to Know

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Workers’ compensation insurance NY covers medical costs as well as lost wages for injuries related to work. This program is mandatory in NY and all the other states. Both employers and workers will find workers’ compensation NY beneficial. Workers who sustained work-related injuries can get covered for medical care financial benefits. Three Major Reasons for […]