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9 Reasons Why You Need Flood Insurance in New York

Flood insurance in New York protects homes and their contents from damage caused by flooding water. Flooding is regarded as a temporary condition, and homeowners’ insurance does not cover the loss or damage caused by floods. Any person who is susceptible to flooding should get flood insurance.

Purchasing Flood Insurance in New York

Flood insurance in New York takes care of the home structure and its contents. Each of the properties has its own limits and deductibles. However, this policy does not cover your land. The areas covered include:

The contents protected by the policy include furniture, clothing, electronics, dishwashers, dryers and washers, microwaves, and air conditioners.

When purchasing a flood insurance policy in New York, check all the categories of the contents covered to compare with what you have in your house. Get the total estimate value and the coverage limit for each. This is because some categories can have limits below the total value of your possessions that qualify.

Here are the reasons to help you consider purchasing the coverage:

1. Home insurance does not include flooding cover

A standard homeowners’ insurance does not pay for losses incurred from flooding or earthquake. It will only cover your injury or damages, personal property, and house. Having additional coverage can help you get protected from the losses you may incur due to flooding.

2. Living outside a flood-prone area does not guarantee the safety of your property

The government tries to estimate the places prone to flooding, but that may not reflect the existing risk for flooding. If you are wondering just how much is flood insurance in New York? You should understand that this depends on risks such as flood-prone zones and climatic factors. Flooded areas are often determined by what happened before, but times and climates change, making it difficult to predict the future.

Due to such changes, floods can occur outside hazardous areas. Perhaps the best way to assess the vulnerability of your home is to use the flood map and follow the dates.

3. Some of the economic losses come from areas that are not flood-prone

The U.S. weather department claims that urban drainage is causing floods in non-flood prone regions. Severe flooding occurs due to the flaws in urban drainage systems. This means that not living in flood-prone areas is not an excuse for not taking the flood insurance.

4. Damages of flooding can be catastrophic

Floods are the most commonly experienced and expensive natural disaster in the United States. They cause damage worth billions of dollars each year. Therefore, without purchasing flood insurance in New York, you can find it hard to recover from the ordeal and take care of the renovation costs by yourself.

5. Flood insurance is affordable

How much is flood insurance in New York? Many people tend to ask this question more often. For your information, flood insurance is very affordable, especially if you are buying a standard homeowners’ insurance. The insurance company can easily include flood coverage at an affordable cost. In the United States, almost all homeowners purchase flood insurance, whether they need it or not.

For just a reasonable amount, the insurance firm can cover the damages incurred due to flooding. Therefore, you have much to lose if you don’t buy the coverage.

The law requires you to get flood insurance if you are buying a home in a flood-prone location.

Although the government has not made it mandatory for citizens to have flood insurance, people still need coverage before taking a loan to purchase a house in flood-prone regions. This is most especially if you are borrowing from an FDIC backed bank. You will be penalized if you don’t comply with this rule.

6. By not purchasing flood insurance, you are gambling with your life

Your home can incur losses and damages due to heavy rains. This can happen whether you live in an area prone to floods or not. Heavy rains can go on for days in a row and flood the entire city. Such instances have been reported where cities have been submerged in water for days, causing loss of lives and property.

Climate is challenging to predict, and rains can easily damage your structure or possessions. It is not worth taking such a huge risk as this one. The consequences of not having coverage can be costly.

7. Torrential downpours and hurricanes are not the only causal factors for flooding

Floods can be caused by a lot of factors other than heavy rains and hurricanes. Some overlooked weather scenarios, such as winter storms, melts, and mudslides, can cause peril as well.

Also, the lack of adequate drainage systems and malfunctioning of protective devices like dams and levees can cause floods. Looking at these factors should change your mind about taking flood insurance in New York.

8. You can be reimbursed for damage prevention measures

If you have flood insurance and there is an imminent threat of flooding in your area, you can be eligible for reimbursement expenses of up to $1,000 for preventive measures. The costs which qualify for reimbursement include pump rentals and storage space for protecting your belongings.

9. It will cost you more if you accept federal disaster assistance

If you incur damages due to floods when you don’t have flood insurance, the federal disaster assistance can help you recover. However, federal disaster assistance will cost you more than you bargained for. It is treated like a lending institution that charges interest on the money received. Comparing this to a flood insurance premium, you better go for the latter.


Flood insurance in New York may not be required, but it is necessary whether you are in a hazardous area or not. Securing your property by upgrading your homeowner’s insurance is very important.

Buying flood insurance is the greatest investment you can make. It will ensure your home is well covered against average damages and losses and flood-induced losses as well.

Whether you reside in flood-prone regions or not, you do not have to risk losing your valuable investment due to a natural disaster. You can prevent incurring more losses and other expenses by protecting your property.

The above reasons should be enough for you to make an informed decision regarding the inclusion of flood insurance in your home insurance.

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